Manage The Entire Hiring Lifecycle From One Application

Talent market requires Organizations to rethink their processes
and technology. Gray Peak is ready to help!

Find top candidates faster

Find the top
Candidates faster

Incorporate recorded video interviews

Incorporate recorded video

Connect with candidates through text messaging

Connect with candidates
through text messaging

Reduce time to hire

Reduce time-to-hire
and recruiting costs

Reach Millenials

Reach Millennial job

Use metrics and analytics

Use metrics and analytics to
optimize hiring processes

About Gray Peak

About gray
peak hire

Gray Peak Hire, headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida, is a software provider that offers a complete talent acquisition platform. We are focused on changing the dynamics of the recruiting process, radically reducing the time it takes to fill positions and significantly improving the ability to identify and select quality candidates.

Gray Peak Hire's complete offering eliminates the need to utilize several independent applications to support the recruiting, hiring and onboarding needs of an organization. Recruiting, Text recruiting, Video interviewing technology, onboarding and more are all accessible in one application via a single fully configurable dashboard resulting in a consistent, streamlined and effective process. One solution that does it all - Gray Peak!

Our Solutions

Whether Organizations self-source, use suppliers or a hybrid model of the RPO they need a solution that
streamlines hiring and keeps everyone updated in real time on the Candidate’s status. Gray Peak delivers Cloud-based
solutions that connect Organizations with the best Candidates with ease and efficiency.


  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • More to come...

Applicant Tracking

  • Get the best Candidates by enabling Recruiters to review all Applicants from a central repository.

Job Requisition

  • Instantly post your jobs to today's leading job boards, social media networks and your careers page.
  • Organization selects which Suppliers will be invited to respond to each requisition.

Candidate Submittals

  • Search tool capabilities allow you to search within Candidate's resumes delivering results at a rapid speed. Find precise and more suitable matches based on your hiring needs.
  • Suppliers submit qualified Candidates via standard format in response to the Organization’s requisitions until requisition is closed.

Extending Offers

  • Once the Organization has made a decision, an offer is immediately and automatically sent to the Candidate.

Tailored Assessments

  • Customize questions and tests for each requisition.

On Demand

  • Allows Candidates to record the interview as their schedules permit, or based on Suppliers and Buyers timing requirements.

Comprehensive Assessments

  • Suppliers and Buyers can review the Candidate’s verbal communication skills and personal style.

Objective Comparisons

  • Suppliers and Buyers examine Candidates on a comparative basis as they each answer the same questions.

Collaborative Tools

  • Rate and share Candidate assessments with team members.

Stay Organized

  • All conversations are maintained inside the solution.

Reduced Time to Hire

  • Hire faster by quicker response times to interviews, offers, and onboarding.

Customized Process

  • Gray Peak implements onboarding steps to the Organization’s specifications to ensure New Hires are ready to work on their first day.

Complete Solution

  • I-9 work status, employment forms, description of benefits, benefits enrollment forms, and any other specific requirements of the Organizations.

Mobile Onboarding

  • Onboard a new employee from home with innovative, mobile solutions, before they arrive to work on their first day.

Improved Accessibility

  • Easy-to-use iOS and Android apps allow you to quickly search and view jobs and candidates.

Productivity Improvement

  • Ensures Recruiters and Hiring Managers are always in the hiring mode whenever, wherever.

Our Benefits

Quality Hires

Our customizable video interviewing and analytic assessment
tools provide the resources Organizations need to select the
right Candidates.


Provides Organizations with a single, consistent approach to
acquiring, managing and retaining talent.

Effective Communication

Platform allows Buyers, Suppliers and Candidates to communicate both efficiently and effectively.

Stay Organized

Organizations can manage multiple Suppliers, Candidates
and interactions in a single place.

Reduced Turnover

Maximum retention through our system that enables you to
recruit quality hires. Proven overall success rate experienced by
our Clients by hiring the right Candidates from the start.

Valuable Data

Reporting and analytics to optimize hiring.


"Gray Peak has been essential in helping us to address one of our biggest business challenges,
which is finding the top healthcare talent we need to keep pace with our growth plans. Their software is
very user-friendly, and efficiently supports the entire process, from the initial Candidate interview
to having the New Hire completely onboarded for Day 1."

Joan White

Human Resources Manager – Praesum Healthcare

"Gray Peak has been a wonderful system, especially with our Managers. It is an easy system to use and teach to others. Most people only need about ten minutes and are good to continue on their own without help! We specifically love the texting/messaging feature that allows us to send a chat which is delivered as a text to an applicant’s phone. It makes it easier and quicker to get into contact with them!"

Jacquie Hill

Human Resource Assistant, Brothers of Mercy Management Company

"Gray Peak Hire has been instrumental to the success in my recruiting career. It helped me grow a startup recruiting agency from 3 employees to 16 recruiters, 2 HR team members, and an individual sourcing resumes when I departed. Each morning I wake up with new applicants who can directly apply in to my platform for positions I have open for my clients. I can then quickly review these resumes and send a chat feature which encompasses both a text and email message that drives results even faster than imagined! After phone screening the applicants and turning them in to candidates, each will complete an insightful short video interview that showcases their expertise in a fashion that helps me see the true individual. I then have the ability to send a full package to my team who is 1,000 miles away and we can expedite an in-person interview by setting calendar invites, which also send via chat feature! How amazing and efficient is this product!"

Chase Muehlheuser

Director of Talent Acquisition, Sunrise Detox Center

Easy to use interface with user-friendly
navigation, task management screens, dashboards
and analytics.



Case Studies - Learn about our success stories

Client successfully cut recruiting costs in half and reduced employee turnover rate from 45% to 19%.

Client was able to streamline entire hiring process that resulted in huge cost savings, effective process, and increase in applications being submitted with job board integrations.


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