Planning to Use Recruitment AI in 2020?

If you’re looking to use recruitment AI in 2020, Affectiva cofounder Rana el Kaliouby has put together a great piece about why leaders need to prioritize diversity and thoughtful regulation.

The use of AI applications continually increased throughout 2019. Industries such as recruitment, wellness, advertising, customer service and many more all saw the benefits of AI. 2020 will see no sign of the trend slowing down.

Adobe’s recent ‘2019 CIO Perspectives Survey – U.S. Market Topline Report’ polled more than 200 Chief Information Officers from U.S. based companies, alongside 100 employees, to get a better pulse on how their roles are evolving. The survey found that 80% of CIOs plan to increase their use of AI in 2020.

CIO of Adobe, Cynthia Stoddard, said:

Think about it: technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Add to that the ever-looming issues like security, migration to the cloud, digital transformation and customer experience, and it is easy to see that the job of the CIO is becoming more and more complex. It can sometimes feel impossible to keep up because of how quickly new technology comes into the limelight and how fast digital capabilities accelerate.

Although AI has a lot of IQ, this does not always translate to EQ – ’emotional intelligence’. With AI becoming more ingrained in our every day lives, we need to tread a careful path on how we approach its development and deployment.

Rana el Kaliouby said:

At the start of each year, my kids and I discuss our resolutions for the year ahead. It’s a tradition that keeps us close, holds us accountable and gives us perspective on what’s important. I believe business leaders owe ourselves, our customers, and our industries the same. The company I co-founded, Affectiva, is in the AI space, and 2019 was an exciting year of growth for the industry. But as with any emerging technology, there’s still much progress to be made, and it’s important for us as leaders to spearhead that charge.

To find more about Rana’s insightful opinion on the development of AI in the workplace, click the link below to read the article in full on Inc.

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