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Illustration by Gearóid O'Rourke

When you want to recruit talent, you know you’re going to be up against massive competitors with bigger budgets. That’s why Caleb Kaiser at Angel List has written an interesting piece on how you can compete against the big boys on your own terms.

For a top candidate to join your recruitment company, they have to believe that you can help them to realize their ambitions. Caleb spoke with several companies that have successfully recruited against the big players in the market and found all of them focused their sell on their V.I.C…

Vision. Impact. Culture.

  • Vision: Why Your Incumbents Can’t Kill You
  • Impact: What Difference Can A New Hire Make
  • Culture: Who Should Feel At Home On Your Team

Caleb Kaiser said:

While being an underdog in the market presents certain challenges, it also presents certain advantages. The fact that other companies with similar value propositions have succeeded means, to a certain extent, your market is already validated. Having bigger incumbents in your market doesn’t make it impossible to recruit. It just changes the way you approach your sell.

Angel List has supported millions of job-seekers in their search and have helped companies launch over 100,000 products that define the future of tech. To read the Caleb’s full article on how to recruit talent against the giants, click the link below to find out how you could and should be taking on the big boys at their own game.

Read the full article on Angel List

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