Andre Belmonte Interview with CIOReview

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To kick things off we thought we’d share an interview conducted by CIOReview with our Vice President of Sales Andre Belmonte. CIOReview is a leading technology magazine that serves as a trustworthy knowledge source, as well as a platform for industry experts, IT buyers and other decision makers to share their valuable insights about new technology trends in the market.

Human Resources (HR) always faces the challenges of finding the right talent, coordinating the interview processes, and implementing the policies and programs needed to capture and retain the critical expertise needed to ensure corporate growth. The tasks are labor-intensive, stressful, and process-driven as well as unfriendly and unrewarding at times. The market for qualified candidates is highly competitive, which drives the time required and the cost of capture and retention up and up. Traditional HR processes and technology doesn’t get the job done, which makes HR ripe for disruptive technologies and more personalized candidate engagement methods.

Andre Belmonte has been working and consulting with HR professionals for nearly 20 years and believes in the need for corporations to rethink their HR processes and technology. Disruption is the key to success in today’s dynamic and competitive global job market. Gray Peak understands these issues and is leading that disruptive change now in delivering polished and complete hiring solutions that work. Andre said:

“My father once told me for every “no” we receive, we are one step closer to a “yes”. At Gray Peak we strive for perfection in order to execute the best applicable solution. Monitoring of trends, listening to industry leaders and our customers ensures we understand the actual requirements in the space to fill our pipeline with fantastic product ideas. By tracking a lot of trends and listening to industry leaders as well as our customers, we understood the actual requirements in the space to fill our pipeline with fantastic product ideas.”

The First Ingredient – Robust Talent Acquisition Software

Gray Peak offers a modern-tech, data-intensive talent acquisition cloud platform as a service created in cooperation with industry recruiters and talent agencies that connects to their job candidates from all demographic sources during the hiring process, anywhere, anytime. Gray Peak’s easy-to-use holistic solution enhances the recruitment procedure for both the candidate as well as the recruiter. Gray Peak provides 24/7 access to all our clients and partners of a broad and diverse database of potential candidates that is a match to their unique requirements. Gray Peaks superior technology and industry awareness disrupts the status quo in HR methods and provides a path to quicker and more satisfying recruitment actions.

The candidate is accessible 24/7 over the Gray Peak Cloud app via text or video. The video session can be recorded and saved for future reference. That capability appeals readily with the Millennial and Gen-Z crowd. It appeals to our clients and partners because it shortens the recruitment process by days. Gray Peak’s technology enables our clients and partners to update their HR processes and establish best practices that improve success. Gray Peak is also able to provide metrics on how the HR department is succeeding in keeping the workforce of your company stable and capable. We can track headcount, turnover rates, new hires, time to hire, and success rates from the broad selection of sources.

The Second Ingredient – A Radical Disruption in HR Processes

Gray Peak’s wide range of solutions includes applicant tracking, text recruiting, video recorded interviewing, electronic onboarding, and a very robust reporting dashboard. The solution integrates well with the job search engines such as ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, with more to come.The offering allows recruiters to get the best candidates by enabling them to review all applicants from a central repository. Enterprises can instantly post available jobs to leading job boards, social media networks, as well as their career pages and invite suppliers to respond to each requisition. The platform’s search tool capabilities allow recruiters to search within candidates’ resumes delivering rapid results and finding precise matches based on their hiring needs. Alongside, suppliers are entitled to submit the data about the qualified candidates via standard format in response to requisitions until they close.

As a complete offering, Gray Peak’s talent acquisition platform eliminates organizations’ need to utilize several independent applications to support recruiting and hiring. All the individual processes right from recruiting to reporting of the candidate are done on a single dashboard resulting in a consistent, streamlined process with all the communication, documentation, and interaction happening under the same roof. Recruiting millennial and Gen-Z candidates is now a cakewalk with Gray Peak’s platform. Along with ensuring quality hires with their video interviewing and analytic assessment tools, Gray Peak provides its clients with a single, consistent approach to acquiring, managing, and retaining talent.

Propelling toward Next-Gen Talent Acquisition

After an agile start, Gray Peak has evolved as a lean, aggressive start-up, which supports multiple organizations in their hiring processes. They value peak efficiency and rely on exceptional ROI within their shop. In today’s ultra-competitive turbo-charged business environment, the firm possesses the internal nimbleness and expertise to deliver best-of-breed solutions, which Andre Belmonte considers to be of paramount importance. Gray Peaks expertise allows our customers to compete against the market leaders. He adds, “Our pipeline is flowing with products that will set new standards for excellence in business software and SaaS, within our niche and beyond.”

By delivering best-in-breed solutions for the HR Tech Solution space, Gray Peak is poised to march ahead in the same fashion when it comes to responding to its clients’ needs. Gray Peak continues to evolve with its product maturity and strives to make the quest for the right talent, simpler.

CIOReview stands out with its learn-from-our-own-peers approach, enabling the senior management of a company to select from a wide range of choices available in the tech arena. The technology magazine bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors and buyers by presenting the vetted content and community resources. The content of CIOReview includes insights, opinions of C-suite executives and leaders that are changing the paradigms in the business arena. In recent years, technological tools act as a backbone for firms across various industries and allow them to execute operations without any hindrance. The podium of CIOReview allows the senior management to learn and share their experiences about a product, helping their peers to choose the most efficient solution which suits their requirement. The editorial mission of CIOReview is to provide influential IT and business executives with real-life, engaging opportunities and targeted, in-depth coverage of topics most critical to their success.

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