Differences Between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

If you’re looking to define the core differences between recruitment and talent acquisition, then we have found the perfect explanation for you by HR Technologist.

With recruitment becoming more challenging due to the labor market being tight due to the low unemployment rate, not many candidates have the skills companies need. These problems can be resolved by creating specific strategies to hire the right people in both the short and long term.

Though they may sound like basically the same thing, there are some key differences between these two processes. The good thing this, knowing the differences could help help your business make better hiring decisions.

Recruitment refers to the process of filling a vacancy as the need arises. For instance, your star employee may have to relocate to another country, and you need to fill their position during their notice period. To do this, you will recruit another employee during that period, who you hope will be a star performer too.

Recruitment involves various stages of candidate sourcing, lead nurturing, interviewing and on-boarding. While talent acquisition is a broader hiring strategy that involves developing  candidate relationship management and the creation of a talent pipeline.

The article by HR Technologists covers such topics as:

  • The elements of talent acquisition and how they enable recruitment
  • How to assess the current workforce and the business needs
  • Engaging in recruitment marketing to build an employer brand
  • Building a talent pipeline for strategic, leadership positions
  •  How to increase diversity in your hiring efforts
  • Reasons why you must collaborate with tech to stay relevant

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