Recruitment Diversity Strategy

Recruitment Diversity Strategy Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Having a well planned recruitment diversity strategy is now a top priority for many workplaces. But how do you implement a successful blueprint for your recruitment business? 

Workplace diversity is defined as understanding, accepting and valuing differences between people to reflect the make up of society. But diversity is not just about race, sex or age, it’s far broader than that. Acquired diversity includes other factors such as education, experience, values, skills and knowledge. So as recruiters, how can you make diversity a top priority in your talent acquisition?

Key diversity strategies include:

How are preparing your advertisements? By auditing your previous job postings, you may notice that some of the language is geared towards a specific demographic. Look for ways that you can be more inclusive to appeal to candidates from different backgrounds. Also, don’t be afraid to write adverts that promote specific demographics to boost your recruitment diversity strategy. Show candidates that you are actively seeking them out.

Blind Interviews and Resumes
To help reduce bias, why not send prospective candidates text-based questions through your recruitment platform?  By answering anonymously and without personal information, this will allow the procedure to remain free of bias. Also, covering personal information on resumes can help to stop any bias of the candidate. This is perfectly effective during the early stages of the recruitment process.

Developing Your Brand
Organically showing that your recruitment company value people from all walks of life is one of the best way to boost candidate diversity. By engraining those values into your company culture, it will be easier for your team to understand how important it is to your business. Candidates will look to seek out companies who truly value diversity, so begin by developing this ethos organically to reap the long term benefits.

Talent Pipelines
To combat diversity bias, you can try a recruitment diversity strategy called ‘The Two in the Pool’. By having multiple people from the same minority demographic in the mix, you can increase the likelihood of hiring. By intentionally seeding your shortlist with a number of diverse candidates, you will create a more level playing field. But remember, you only want to shortlist candidates who are truly qualified. Diversity recruiting is still about hiring the best person, regardless of their demographic.

Company Policies
By implementing policy changes and actively promoting them, your company will appeal to more diverse candidates. Why not consider changing your time off to include more religious holidays and community events. Encourage more employees to speak up and get involved in these changes with open and honest dialogue to ensure everyone feels welcome.

Research shows that diverse workplaces are higher in performance, innovation, creativity and sales. By attracting a more diverse pipeline of candidates by using carefully worded job postings, work schedule flexibility and assessments, you can help to reduce bias related to a candidate’s age, race, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

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