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If you’re looking for a remote recruitment app to help you find, hire and keep the best talent on the market, why not try Gray Peak Hire today?

Our recruitment platform works on mobile, iPad and desktop, allowing you manage the entire hiring lifecycle on one easy-to-use application. We also offer you the opportunity to take the app for a FREE 45-day trial TODAY so you can try out our complete hiring solution.

Check out our new video to see how our remote recruitment app can help you to rethink and transform your day to day process.

Our remote recruitment app offers a modern, data-intensive talent acquisition cloud platform. Created in co-operation with industry recruiters and talent agencies, our app’s easy-to-use holistic solution enhances the recruitment procedure for both the candidate as well as the recruiter. With 24/7 access to all your clients and partners, our technology and industry awareness can provide a path to quicker and more satisfying recruitment actions by utilizing:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Mobile messaging directly to the candidate
  • Video recorded interviewing
  • Customized dashboard and reporting
  • Electronic onboarding
  • Full integration with job boards
Remote Recruitment App

With COVID-19 putting new systems to the test, now is a great time to invest in remote recruitment technology to virtually interview candidates. We spoke to one of clients, Praesum Healthcare , on how they were handling the pandemic using the Gray Peak application.

Chase Muehlheuser, Director of Talent Acquisition, said:

“Having 24 facilities in over 5 States during a global pandemic where the closures, lock downs and depletion of supplies were constantly changing minute by minute – a challenge like no one has ever experienced. We needed a solution and we needed it fast. Oh wait… we HAD the solution, we just needed to change our playbook slightly. Gray Peak‘s incredible video technology has kept us fully operational. So much that we have opened 52 new positions and are processing new hires fast in this chaotic environment.” 

With in-person interviewing changing significantly due to social distancing, hiring teams need to adapt quickly to the ‘new norm’. Why not take our unique app for a test drive and see how we can improve your ability to identify and select quality candidates TODAY.

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