Remote Talent Acquisition

Remote Talent Acquisition Photo by Kristin Wilson on Unsplash

If you’re looking to understand the challenges of remote talent acquisition, why not check out this great LinkedIn post from our VP of Sales Andre Belmonte.

Andre’s article looks at how recruitment technology trends are redefining how traditional HR processes are being conducted. The new tools for remote talent acquisition are a powerful force. Though their role has always been to enable the decision-making process, not become the decision-maker.

Critical employee retention is key in an ever-tightening skill-driven labor market. The impacts of health pandemics and climate change have accelerated the adoption of technology. This is a means to manage HR across the board as work from home becomes a necessity, rather than an option.

Every company needs to stay competitive. The corporate responsibility is that this technology must be built upon a solid foundation of compatibility. The corporate investment is not trivial. It must come with a solid return on the investment, backed up by effectiveness metrics that are tracked and measured.

Andre said:

Acquiring the right talent is always challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more trying, and recruiting has become a virtual task where recruiters have had to adapt. What challenges are you facing recruiting new talent?

Click the link below to read the full article on Andre’s LinkedIn profile to find out more the challenges of remote talent acquisition.

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