Gray Peak Partners with VIP Global

Gray Peak Partners with VIP Global

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Virtual Intelligence Providers aka VIP Global to offer you a unique and unmatched total-customer HRIS solution. Starting with recruiting and hiring, all the way to the employee training and performance improvement application solutions, delivered via VIP-Global’s technology known as the VIP Quick Suite. This solution will add value, effectiveness and efficiency to all customers while bringing in cutting edge technology and innovation to each enterprise wishing to grow.

Our VP of Sales, Andre Belmonte, said:

Over a year ago, I embarked on a journey with Gray Peak to help expand the brand awareness and create a presence. Today is a great day as we announce our partnership with VIP-Global for them to resell our platform to DIR in the State of Texas and others across the world. Together, Gray Peak Hire and VIP-Global will offer the best in class solution, with an end to end recruiting software to the DIR-State of Texas which help them utilize the latest technology and enhance their recruiting and hiring methods.

In today’s ultra-competitive turbo-charged business environment, Gray Peak Hire possesses the internal skill and expertise to deliver solutions to all its clients using the latest technology advancements. Our pipeline is flowing with new products and ideas that will continue to set new standards for excellence in business software and SaaS within the talent acquisition industry and the DIR-State of Texas will be able to benefit from this. 

We are proud to partner with VIP-Global; a minority, women-owned business serving government institutions and over 100 corporations across 20 verticals. Averaging a record of 35% in budget savings with a primary focus in the oil and gas industry, the company has received over 30 awards of excellence. Delivering solutions in over 20 different languages in 5 different continents, VIP-Global’s innovative approach stems from its relationship with reputable institutions of higher learning, colleges and universities that partner to facilitate innovation and collaboration.

VIP Global CEO, Sonia Clayton, said:

It is during the present that we must sharpen our ability to create the future, collaborate and innovate. COVID19 has dramatically changed the world and we are undergoing an unparalleled digital transformation process. Human interactions, Live-Distance-Interviewing and Virtual Meetings are now the norm and industry leaders and experts are quickly adapting to new technologies. Our minds, thought processes and decision-making abilities, must be in tune with innovation and transformation. Technological disruption is breaking ceilings and changing the world as we knew it and VIP-Global is simultaneously driving the change of obsolete HRIS practices while helping our clients transform their business operations. We are now looking face-to-face at the 4th industrial revolution and our technologies are vital to keeping up with innovation and forward-thinking. 

We look forward to working in tandem with VIP Global to continue to offer you the latest technology to help you grow and improve your virtual recruitment performance.