Candidate Experience Tips

Candidate Experience Tips Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

If you’re looking to improve your candidate experience, why not check out these great tips to help your recruitment drive to hire the best people.

The article, ‘7 Crucial (but Missed) Ingredients for a Great Candidate Experience’, is written by Adrie Smith and dives into the topic of how to ensure a pleasant journey for candidates during the hiring process.

With social media and online forums, it’s now far easier for people to recount their experiences, both good and bad, to a worldwide audience. If their experience is enjoyable, they are sure to tell others. After all, most online reviews are either five star or one star, there’s not much in the middle. This makes it doubly important for recruiters and HR departments to rethink their application process to ensure a positive candidate experience. Adrie Smith’s tips include:

  • Reach out without any delays
  • Record important information on your candidate profiles
  • Outline your hiring process in the job description
  • Share the LinkedIn profiles of the interviewers ahead
  • Outline what candidates can expect after each step
  • Keep in touch in between offer acceptance and onboarding
  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback

Adrie said:

A good recruitment experience can lead to better applicants, resulting in better hires. Employees and candidates will also be more likely to refer qualified candidates (and potentially even customers). Improved recruitment experiences can help lower your hiring costs and time to fill when it comes to open vacancies.Candidate experience is so important in developing a great employer brand and attracting the best talent. While it may require more devoted attention and assessment, make sure you don’t forget these seven elements. These quick fixes can help ease candidates’ nerves and generate a better candidate experience.

Click the link below to read Adrie Smith’s article and find out how you can improve your candidate’s experience.

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