Top ATS Features for Today’s Recruiter

Top ATS Features for Today’s Recruiter Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Having a recruitment platform that fits everyone’s requirements is tough. Our VP of Sales, Andre Belmonte, has been consulting with HR professionals for nearly 20 years. He has been in the midst of the evolution of talent acquisition technology and understands where it came from, as well where it’s headed. Andre is always in conversations with industry experts and understanding where the pain points are. It’s about engaging, communicating and exciting the right talent. Having the right recruiting technology in place will enable this process to run efficiently.

Based on our data and Andre’s expert industry knowledge, we have put together a list of the seven top features that successful recruiters are looking for from an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Ability to have a built-in Text Recruiting Process 
Response rates to text messages are by far the highest of any form of communication. Recruiters say they receive about a 90%+ response rate from candidates via text alone.  Can you imagine not having the ability to create a seamless recruiting process that allows for text messaging? It enables you to avoid an overcrowded email inbox as well as keeping candidates engaged throughout the entire hiring process.  Text recruiting allows recruiters to promptly respond to messages which shows that they respect the candidate’s time and recognizes their effort required in the application process.

Video and Live Virtual Interviewing Technology
With today’s hectic schedules, and given the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, this has quickly become one of the top necessities to have as part of a recruiting process. Recruiters need an all-in-one ATS with these features built in, avoiding requiring a 3rd party integration. It allows you to connect and meet with candidates at a much faster rate.

Customizable Workflows
Recruiters don’t want to experience any type of limitation because a system has workflows that are out of the box and rigid. Your process is unique and different in ways that suit your organization. You should be able to select and customize your workflow.

Top ATS Features for Today’s Recruiter

One word that is very powerful with today’s recruiters. They must be able to search within the ATS and find candidates based on an extensive Boolean search that will deliver results at a rapid speed.  

A Fully Mobile Platform
The ability to complete ALL tasks on a mobile device is not considered a nice to have feature, it’s a must have.  It guarantees recruiters, hiring managers and HR staff are always in the hiring mode whenever, wherever, while ensuring a great positive experience for the candidates.

Collaboration Tools
Flexibility for all recruiters and hiring managers to view notes, interviews, ratings on all candidates and share thoughts and ideas, all while being maintained inside the solution.

Staying Connected
Recruiters need more ways than one way to stay connected with candidates in their database.  Send automated messages through mass communication whether via email and/or text. Double your response rates on passive candidates while boosting your response rates on active candidates.  Ability to track open rates and replies on who is engaging and responding in order to ensure the right type of messaging is being relayed.

The Gray Peak remote recruitment platform offers a modern, data-intensive talent acquisition cloud platform. Created in co-operation with industry recruiters and talent agencies, our easy-to-use holistic solution enhances the recruitment process for both the candidate and recruiter. With 24/7 access to all your clients and partners, our technology can provide a path to quicker and more satisfying recruitment actions. You can request a demo and free 45 day trial today.