Remote Hiring Tips

Remote Hiring Tips Photo by Dave Weatherall on Unsplash

If you’re looking for some great remote hiring tips to take your recruiting to the next level, then we’ve found the perfect article for you.

Amy Laiker has put together a great piece for Talent Culture called ‘Four Proven Ways to Improve Recruiting and Remote Hiring‘. Amy is the Head of the New York office at Tiger Recruitment, who place exceptional staff across the Big Apple in finance, banking, creative companies, fin-tech firms and Fortune 500 businesses. Amy’s vast knowledge and understanding of different working environments affords her the opportunity to become a trusted advisor across multiple sectors.

Amy’s expert advice includes:

  • Decide on the remote hiring process 
  • Produce an information pack for candidates
  • Encourage managers to use a scorecard
  • Prepare for tough questions from candidates 

Amy said:

To say COVID-19 has changed recruiting and remote hiring would be an understatement. It’s likely you’re relying on the expertise of the rest of your HR team, your recruiter, or business leaders while navigating the remote onboarding process. The remote recruitment process is new for many of us. Which makes this is a great time to learn new hiring methods. Put these tips to work, and hire the best candidates!

TalentCulture is an award-winning site providing articles and community with a strong focus on a spectrum of workplace related topics. From learning and development, to business leadership and strategy, TalentCulture gives you the latest news in recruiting, innovation and more. Click the link below to read Amy Laiker’s article on their website.

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