Increase Diversity and Inclusion

Increase Diversity and Inclusion Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash

If you’re looking to increase diversity and inclusion in your company, why not check out these five suggestions from CultureIQ.

CultureIQ have five decades of research and experience uncovering the core elements of culture that when combined correctly, can propel business growth and enhance company success. They combine world-renowned research with modern technology to create a common belief that culture drives business transformation and a competitive advantage.

The article is written by Paul Mastrangelo, a Principal Strategist for CultureIQ. Paul collaborates with leaders to design and interpret organizational assessments for change with clients as diverse as Apple, Cisco Systems, Goodyear, HSBC and Wolters Kluwer.

Paul’s in-depth suggestions to increase diversity and inclusion in your company culture include:

  • Specify your purpose
  • Kickstart continuous dialogue with a statement
  • Uncover Systemic Racism
  • Listen to EVERYONE
  • Focus on Anti-Racism and Allyship

Paul said:

These examples can be used as part of an internal communication campaign to highlight model behaviors. To show that co-workers are already engaging in allyship behaviors. Much like the “see something, say something” campaigns to promote safety, but with the bonus of demonstrating how to say something). Training classes that focus on how to be an ally can help many non-racists turn into anti-racists. To create positive behavioral norms that will be embedded into organizational culture.

Click the link below to visit the CultureIQ to find out how you can increase diversity and inclusion in your company in 2020.

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