Prep Your Hiring Manager for Success

Prep Your Hiring Manager for Success Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Are you properly preparing your hiring managers during the recruitment process? If not, you could be underutilizing a truly vital resource to help you understand the screening and interviewing process.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Karyn Mullins, ‘Most Recruiters Don’t Prep Their Hiring Managers — But They Should’ for Karyn is the president of MedReps, the industry’s largest site for medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech sales jobs and career resources. 

Karyn’s article offers advice on how preparing your hiring manager with the fundamental knowledge about recruitment best practices will help lower the risk of losing candidates. To attract and keep the very best, recruiters really need to take the time to train hiring managers to be better process partners. 

These tips include:

  • Leveraging personal brands and networks
  • Coordinating team calendars
  • Putting culture first
  • Avoiding unconscious bias
  • Providing specific feedback

Karyn said:

Hiring managers are every bit as crucial to the recruitment process as recruiters. They know their teams inside and out, and they can use that knowledge to provide invaluable insights during the screening and interviewing portions of the process. The best partnerships are founded on clear expectations. Set yourself — and the organization — up for success by training your hiring managers on key recruitment best practices. They’ll thank you when they see how much better the search turns out.

Click the link below to read this great article over at and find out how you can prep your hiring manager for success today! 

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