Improve Your Candidate Experience

Improve Your Candidate Experience Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

If you’re looking to improve your candidate experience during the recruitment process, come feast your eyes on these great tips from the experts.

The article featured in Recruiting Blogs ‘Use These 7 New Tips To Improve Your Candidate Experience’ is written by Ginni Agarwal, a talent acquisition expert with extensive experience in tech hiring.

With candidates being far more selective when looking to find a recruiter, it’s important to think about your process. When you are competing to land the best talent out there, there’s no room for lackluster hiring. Things to consider include:

  • Optimize for mobile use
  • Considerate timekeeping
  • Make the candidate comfortable
  • Introduce to the team
  • Candidate feedback is a must
  • Maintain the relationship
  • Designated contact person

Ginni said:

In today’s competitive hiring process, having an actual candidate experience is a must. It’s not negotiable. It’s something you need to work day in day out to land the best candidate for the organization. Yes, when you are dealing with a high volume of candidates, it seems like a difficult task to create a personalized experience for everyone. Focus on having clear lines of communication and keeping candidates up to date at every step. 

Click the link below to read Ginni’s fantastic article over at the Recruiting Blogs website.

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