Pandemic Hiring Strategy

Pandemic Hiring Strategy Photo by sk on Unsplash

Having a well co-ordinated hiring strategy has been imperative to ensure you pivot successfully during these unpredictable circumstances. If you’re still searching for the right direction, we’ve found some great tips to help you develop a more effective approach to talent acquisition.

Jarin Schmidt has put together a great article for to help you find your way during these difficult times. The excellent piece is called ‘Your COVID-19 Recruiting Strategy Needs to Be Skills-Based and Data-Driven‘. The article shines a light on how HR teams need to seize the opportunity to step away from their old hiring strategy and develop new methods to find the top talent. These include:

  • Evaluating the current roles within your organization
  • Shifting to a skills-based mindset
  • Assessing your internal talent pool
  • Following through with a data-driven approach

Jarin is the chief experience officer at Credly, where he helps shape the future of documenting and promoting skills by leading the product and customer success teams. With a background in design, strategy and product development, Jarin is passionate about helping people tell their unique professional stories through emerging technology.

Jarin said:

A hiring process designed for the pre-pandemic days will fall flat in the current climate. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we have to constantly evolve. Taking advantage of your internal talent pool, approaching the process through a skills-based lens, and relying on data to drive your efforts will help you fill internal gaps and alleviate many of the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19. is the social network for recruiting and HR professionals and is this the perfect place to source the latest news about recruitment technology and major trends.

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