Remote Recruitment from Anywhere

Remote Recruitment from Anywhere Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

10 years ago, Alan LaRotonda wrote a two-part article called ‘Recruiting from the Middle of Nowhere‘. These articles were to promote the idea that the talent sourcing industry could work from literally anywhere using remote recruitment techniques to maintain productivity and build relationships. We’re sure not even Alan knew what was coming around the corner though!

Alan is a Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Professional with over twenty years working with multiple fortune 100 companies in support of their talent acquisition needs. He has participated in the hiring activities for companies such as Intel, Motorola and Samsung to name just a few.

Though creating a remote workforce may have been forced onto people due to the global pandemic, many companies are finally seeing the light in regards to what can be achieved virtually.

Alan said:

Thank you 2020. If for nothing other than shifting the mind-set regarding the remote workforce in an incredibly positive direction. I never thought it would take 10 years and a pandemic to finally move the needle to where it should have been years ago. It has also taken an evolution in online meetings and collaboration platforms to get people to understand and adapt to the concept. That perhaps is a larger piece of what was missing in the past. But here we are at long last, stepping out of the tunnel and into the light. And to set the record straight once and for all… virtual recruiters can accomplish virtually anything!

Click the link below to read more of Alan’s 2020 thoughts on remote recruitment and how he was proven right almost a decade later.

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