Remote Recruitment Apps

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

Due to the Coronavirus, remote recruitment apps for your mobile phone have never been more vital. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article on how mobile apps are impacting Human Resources across the globe.

The piece, ‘6 Ways Mobile Apps are Impacting HR and TA’, written by Smith Jones, is featured in Recruiting Daily and shines a light on the many ways companies are using remote recruitment apps to increase hiring effectiveness.

Topics covered include:

  • Better payroll processing
  • Improving internal communication
  • Making operations digital
  • Improving team efficiency
  • Better process formation

Smith Jones said:

There isn’t a single element that has remained untouched by the digital transformation that is prevalent in the business world. When we counter in aligning the business process with changing customer needs, it becomes equally important to consider the changing needs of internal stakeholders – employees. Gone is the time when technological transformation within HR was limited to employees filling their timesheets on an HRMS platform. The sector is finding a number of ways to include a technology that is a lifeblood of the present generation in their operative processes – smartphones.

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