Fluid Recruitment for 2021

Creating a fluid recruitment strategy in 2021 is more important now more than ever. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this fantastic article from ERE to help you embrace and make the best fluid hiring decisions.

The piece, ‘Finding Fluidity: Hiring for a Skills-Based Culture’ is written by Jo-Ann Feely, the global managing director of innovation at AMS, a global total workforce solutions firm founded in 1996. They enable organizations to thrive in an age of constant change by building, re-shaping, and optimizing workforces through talent acquisition, internal mobility and skills development. 

Jo-Ann’s fantastic article shines a light on some of the main features you need to create fluid recruitment, including:

  • Minding the gaps
  • Building talent
  • Looking for candidates with fluidity traits
  • Re-thinking job descriptions
  • Setting upfront expectations

Jo-Ann said:

While the initial global shock of the pandemic is behind us, we’re still operating in an environment of uncertainty where change is the norm. Businesses are now recognizing that they need a talent strategy that allows them to harness and capitalize on change for growth. This starts with analyzing your existing workforce from a different perspective to make hiring decisions that allow you not only to operate in a state of fluidity — but fully embrace it.  For many companies, a mindset shift is in order. Instead of seeing your workforce as a static group of people assigned to specific roles, it’s important to view it as a collective mix of skills, perspective, experiences, and technologies that work together to drive your business. 

Click the link below to visit the ERE website and find out how you can create fluid recruitment at your company today.

Read full article here

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