Hiring Tech Challenges

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We’re all aware that the Coronavirus has thrown up some serious hiring tech challenges, but how are you hoping to build a successful post-pandemic talent acquisition pipeline?

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by Lance Haun for ERE. The piece, ‘3 Hiring Tech Challenges for Post-Pandemic Talent Acquisition’. Lance is the practice director of strategy and insights based in Washington State, focusing on researching and writing about work technology. He is also a former editor for ERE Media, broadly covering the world of human resources, recruiting, and sourcing. He has been featured as a work expert in publications like the Harvard Business ReviewThe Wall Street JournalFortune, MSNBC, Fast Company, and other HR and business websites.

In the article, Lance breaks down three of the most important hiring tech challenges:

  • What to do about hybrid work recruiting
  • Making diversity and inclusion in hiring actually happen
  • Failing the competitive test
Lance said:

For recruiters — at least the ones who kept their jobs and weren’t in the industries that were hit hardest by Covid-19 — a temporary hiring advantage in the wake of massive unemployment was a change of pace.  I’d say some employers got, dare I say, comfortable with it. I saw a few recruiters even lamenting the number of applications they were receiving for positions. Don’t worry, though. That seems unlikely to last until the end of the year. Like nearly all talent acquisition technology challenges, all are interconnected and are driven by both process and people. The silver bullet for navigating these challenges isn’t something you can buy on a three-year contract, it’s using your ears and that thing between them to be thoughtful about anticipating what’s next. 

Click the link below to to discover the lowdown on the hiring tech challenges you need to consider in a post-pandemic world.

Read full article here

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